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We are bringing to your attention what you must know about your duty of disclosure to us. During your application for insurance cover, we ask various questions of you. You have a duty at law when answering them to give us honest and complete answers, 
not only now but also at renewal of the policy.

Please be aware that you are answering the questions both for yourself and anyone else covered by the policy. If you breach the duty of disclosure, or fraud is involved we may cancel the policy, refuse a claim or reduce the amount we pay for the claim, 
so it is very important that you answer all questions truthfully.


As part of your acceptance of this insurance policy, you declare and agree that:

  1. You have answered all questions honestly and completely;
  2. You have, and will continue to, inform us of all information a prudent insurer should be aware of;
  3. The sum you have insured it for represents the full market value with allowance for all accessories;
  4. You agree to accept the Insurance Policy subject to the terms and conditions;
  5. You authorise us to give or obtain from other parties any information relating to insurance held by you or any claim made by you.

Put simply, what you are declaring is that you have told us the truth and that if anything changes in the future you will let us know.

You will receive a copy of all documentation relating to your policy. Please read this documentation carefully and let us know if you feel any changes need to be made. You can contact us either by phone on 0800 PROTECT (0800 776 832), or you can email us on