Making A Vehicle Claim with Protecta

Car insurance claims are easy with NZ's specialist in car, motorcycle, and classic vehicle insurance.

How to make a vehicle claim

At Protecta Insurance, we believe that making a claim on your car, motorcycle, or classic vehicle insurance should be easy. Find the information you need to make your motorcycle or car insurance claim below.

How long can a Motor Claims process take? 

Whilst our average Claim processing time is 5 - 7 weeks, our Claims team endeavour to complete your claim as quickly as possible. However there are a number of things that can be out of their control. Including waiting on an assessor's report; NZ Police traffic crash report (if needed) along with delays in accessing replacement parts. Worldwide delays for some parts as a consequence of the COVID pandemic are heavily impacting some turnaround times. 

Our Claims team will do their best to give you as accurate timeline as possible when you start your Claims process. 

What to include when you make a motorcycle or car insurance claim

When you need to make a claim on your car or motorcycle insurance, we'll need some information upfront about your vehicle's condition and the details of the incident. Please have the following information ready when you make your vehicle claim.

• Your Protecta policy number
• Details of the main policyholder
• If involved in an accident, please provide the details of what happened, where, and when, as well as the details of anyone else involved (including any witnesses or emergency services)
• Driver’s details, including the type of licence and the number of years licenced for both the person driving your vehicle and any other third party involved
• If your car or motorcycle has been stolen, notify the police first. They’ll give you an incident reference number to use in your claim.

Check out the video below to understand more about our Claims process:

What is an excess? 

An excess is the amount that you contribute to a claim. If you make a claim and it’s accepted, Protecta will pay the repair or replacement costs that are over your excess amount.

Whenever you make a claim, an excess will be required to be paid, unless it’s specifically stated otherwise in the policy wording.

Remember to tell us if your details change 

It is really key that you tell us if your circumstances change as it may affect your motor vehicle policy with us, and could even void your insurance cover altogether.

In particular the items that you declared at the time of the policy purchase. Including any new convictions or changes to your address; where you park your vehicle overnight and any new modifications to your vehicle. If you are unsure then please check with us first.

Find your vehicle claim form and procedures

Being able to make a claim is why you have insurance, so we strive to make the claims process as easy as possible. Find your claim form and procedures below, depending on your cover.

Roadside Assistance (car or motorcycle) claims 


Car Insurance claims 


Motorcycle insurance claims 


Classic vehicle insurance claims 


Need personal assistance with your claim?

If you would like personal assistance from our Car or Motorcycle Claims teams, you can contact us at the contact number below, or leave an email and we'll be in touch. Check out our FAQs for more helpful information.

Phone: 0800 PROTECT (776 832)